“Fun, Friendly, Local”

3 Sweet Sisters Mini Golf

*Please note that the last t-time is 45 minutes to closing*

Mini Golf Prices

Kids (Ages 3-6): $8

Regular (Ages 7-64): $10

Seniors (Ages 65+): $9

~Please note that this price is for one round of 18 holes only~

Mini Golf Rules

No more than six players on each hole. Putt balls in rotation at tee. After initial strokes, person CLOSEST to cup putts out first followed by the next closest and so on.

5-stroke limit on each hole. After five strokes, pick up your ball and record six for your score.

Absolutely no food, drinks, smoking or alcohol permitted on the course. Please allow faster players to go through.

Do not swing club above knee level. Stay on designated walkways and fairways. The course has uneven terrain. Please pay attention and watch your step. Absolutely no swimming. You will be bleached!

Ball leaving fairways is out of bounds and results in one stroke penalty. Please place ball at point of exit. If ball goes in the pond, please use the nets positioned throughout the course to retrieve. If side rails or obstacles prevent putting, you may move the ball one club’s head length ahead. No penalty stroke should be recorded. Lost balls are replaced at the clubhouse. Results in a 1-stroke penalty. 

In the event of course closing due to thunder and lightening, please visit the pro shop.

Hours of Operation

Current Hours: 

Monday-Saturday: 10 am-9pm

Sunday: 12-9pm